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Head Impact Prevention (HIP) Football, HIP Football, Powered by SportsMarkit, is the consolidation of flag football, 7 on 7, and tackle football organizations in the region. Our mission is simple: Create an atmosphere of collaboration within the region that delivers quality games, predetermined schedules, first-rate facilities, and positive experiences.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is HIP
Head Impact Prevention, That’s HIP! 11 vs. 11 Co-Ed Non-Contact Football. Learn how to play the game like a pro.
2.   How do I register my child?
Register at hipfootball.com under your respective city and state.
3.   How much are the fees to participate?
$100 rental, $350 to Buy/Own HIP Set for travel league
4.   What will my fees cover?
Equipment (Helmet and Shoulder Pads), Uniform(Jersey and Pants), Facility rental, Insurance, Registration Fee, Coaches, Volunteers, and charitable assistance to participating non profit organizations.
5.   How much are uniforms?
6.   Where are HIP leagues currently located?
Youngstown, OH. & Baltimore, MD.
7.   What are the age groups?
Co-Ed 18U, 16U, 14U, 12U, 10U, 8U, 6U.
8.   Is HIP a year round football program?

Fall: September – November

Winter: January – March (Indoors)

Summer: May – June

9. How many days a  week will games be held?
Games are 1 day/week. Practices can be held up to 5 times/week including 2 days in between for film.
10. How can my child play HIP Football at an NFL Stadium or NFL Hall of Fame Event?
As long as your child is a registered member of HIP Football having registered and played for a season, registered for a camp or tournament, he/she is automatically eligible to be invited to participate along with other local area kids experiencing HIP Football for the first time.
11. How does my child receive an invite to the National HIP ALL-STAR game?
Ranked players who demonstrate a skilled level of playing the game safe, smart, and disciplined will represent their team and community which also applies to participate in all travel team events.