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HIP Football League, INC.

HIP Football League
"Head Impact Prevention, that's HIP!"

Learn how to play like a pro

2 Hand Touch

Education of the game

Alignments, Assignments, Technique, Film 

Play fast, Play smart!

HIP Football! Where every down is a touch-down!

Head Impact Prevention allows for a safe, fun, physical educational platform

Parents are pleased their kids leave the field healthier, smarter, and happier! Learn football with NO face-mask and no tackling. 

Save the youth brain, save the game.

HIP Youngstown Summer Championship Series


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HIP Allstar Games @ YSU WATTS

May 7- June 25 (No HIP Memorial weekend)

2 hours/week Each Monday 6-8pm

Ages 4-9 & 10-14 Co-Ed 

23 players per team

7 weeks (6 weeks plus 1 Championship week)

Registration, facility,  insurance, uniform jersey, pants, soft shell helmet and shoulder pads rental included. Open Registration $100

$25/player donated to participating non-profits

HIP Football Youngstown, Birmingham Mini-Camp



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HIP Football League, INC.

38 Porter St NE, Washington DC 20002


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Print, Sign, Date & Return/Scan to info@hipfootball.com 

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HIP Fairfield D1 Birmingham Waiver (pdf)


HIP Football League Registration & Waiver (pdf)


HIP Football Schedule

Schedule May 7, 2018- June 25, 2018 6pm-8pm @ YSU WATTS 

No upcoming events.

HIP Football (Co-Ed)


Co-Ed Ages 4-9 & 10-14. Players use John Madden playbooks’ playart to execute plays on the field, using 2-hand tag @ the hip technique. PASS =1 player tag. RUN =3 players tag. It's fun! It's safe! It's healthy! It’s the same game as you know it, but gives the youth a real NFL practice-like experience.

Head Impact Prevention~"Learn to play the game like a pro." That'

About Us

Learn how to play the game of football like a pro

CEO/Founder Tim Johnson created Head Impact Prevention Football League, Inc., which changes the way we approach and play the game. Tim applied his 6 year NFL experience directly to HIP Football and will share his knowledge across the entire spectrum of football as the game continues to evolve. HIP has changed the type of helmet and shoulder pads players wear, in an attempt to address the concussion issue that plagues the football community.  By removing the facemask from the helmet, HIP has taken a level of violence out of the game, allowing your child to become a smarter and healthier student athlete, while preserving their brain and body for the future. HIP Football is 11 vs 11 football as you know it, just emphasizing no head to head contact, 2-hand tag (hip/side), no tackling. It's key that football is taught in a full team environment which includes all 11 positions on both sides of the ball. HIP football allows all participants to play the game at a fast pace while learning proper alignment, assignment and technique through consistant repetitions and film study. These mental skills will carry over to the playing field producing smarter football players. Maintaining a healthy mind and body throughout the learning process is key and important to your child's success at home, in the classroom, on the field and in the community. HIP translates to 11 man tackle football better than any other alternative in existence. 

We are reinvesting into the community

HIP Football League is placing economics and financial literacy around youth football for parents, participants, and coaches. We are introducing the safest form of 11 on 11 football games that will be used to educate your child on alignments, assignments, and the fundamentals of the game. Teaching youth the game using video and film sessions from the games will make for smarter and healthier athletes. When registering for HIP Football your child immediately becomes eligible to participate in national tournament invites. HIP Football is a movement dedicated to offering the youth an opportunity to play football locally as well as travel to different cities across the country to compete, all while learning and playing the game safely. Our mission is to share our love and passion for the game through the HIP Football experience, which will resemble a non-contact NFL Super Bowl week of practice and we all know that translates to tackles. Until the next level of football is reached, you and your family deserve the relief of knowing the risks of getting a concussion or traumatic brain injury from repeated bumps to the head are lowered tremendously when playing football the new HIP way. Football is for everybody that loves the game and should be a fun safe game for our youth. That's HIP!


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Nov. 21, 2017. 

Over this past weekend my son and his team participated in the MNYFC tournament at the HOF(Hall of Fame) in Canton. During our 3 hour break the coaches decided to take the boys to the HOF stadium to burn off some steam. They decided to play tag football to have some fun. My son who is pretty good but not a "starter" on his team showed his HIP training on the field. The whole team came back and said  "Johnny was eating, he was killing us on the field". I had to tell the boys "don't sleep on that HIP training". Thank you Tim and Steve for introducing my son to HIP. He loves it and is showing out with all that he has learned!!!

Shawnique Moore