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Football getting “HIP” in Youngstown

Football getting “HIP” in Youngstown

Former YSU standout Tim Johnson heads the HIP Football league in Youngstown, which helps youth players learn the game without the risk of head injuries.

Josh Frketic – YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – It wasn’t the football people are used to seeing at the WATTS on the campus of Youngstown State Sunday evening, but it could be the next big thing.

The HIP Football League held the championship game of their first indoor winter league.

HIP football was founded by former YSU standout and NFL player Tim Johnson. HIP stands for Head Impact Prevention and allows players from ages 4-14 to learn the game of football without the worry of severe head injuries.

“This is so big,” says Johnson

“This movement of HIP football prevents those impacts at this early age as the brain grows into and adult brain, we want to take those pressure and those risks out of the game but still teach the same game. Not water it down, 11 on 11, football as you know it, just no tackling and no facemasks.”

There is an upcoming summer league that is set to begin at the end of April, head to www.hipfootball.com for more information on the league and how to sign up.

Source: https://www.wytv.com/sports/football-getting-hip-in-youngstown/1097497942